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Bipomommy I feel alone... “Please add me as your friend...”
friggawolf New “Welcome. I have been here for about a month and I have found no one is going to judge you.”
jayabee52 The Complete Skinny on Obesity “Here is a video on Obesity ~­hows/The-Complete-Sk­inny-on-Obesity-2571­7 Tip of hat to Steve (haoleboy) on Diabetic connect. James”
katie222 Hi FRIENDS - how can we help each… “Hi I am new to this group and I am 55 years young and have always been overweight and…”
Baking4ever Bully alert: Seven Steps Toward Protecting Yourself. “as someone who has been bullied all my life......I totally agree with what you are saying; but those hurtful feelings…”

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