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Shirlwain GASTIC BAND OR BYPASS “oh dear, I hope they are both okay? I know a few people too that has had it done, some…”
RAYT721 Eat What You Love!!! “Thank you for asking ... I did write an article about my "secrets" here some time ago. Perhaps you'll find…”
Sweet Potatoe I'm fat and have absolutely no desire to… “You have to have motivation to do anything about your weight. I don't know of anyone who wants to not…”
dessert Lifelong Battle with Body Weight “I was over weight as a little 2 year old girl. I was always on some type of diet all…”
Hyrum Anderton Bully alert: Seven Steps Toward Protecting Yourself. “I agree with Ray this was a great article Dr. Gary. I think now more than ever it is easier…”

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