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dessert Lifelong Battle with Body Weight “I was over weight as a little 2 year old girl. I was always on some type of diet all…”
Hyrum Anderton Bully alert: Seven Steps Toward Protecting Yourself. “I agree with Ray this was a great article Dr. Gary. I think now more than ever it is easier…”
Deathwish128 Weight Loss Challenge 2014 “Hi Sally, I am new here, my name is Mark, I was reading your post and liked the challenge you…”
Germanized1 I'm fat and have absolutely no desire to… “I'm pretty much in a downward spiral that will lead to a lot of health problems and even though…”
RAYT721 Eat What You Love!!! “I *knew* that would get your attention but it is truly a reality. For those of you who know me…”

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