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Baking4ever Bully alert: Seven Steps Toward Protecting Yourself. “as someone who has been bullied all my life......I totally agree with what you are saying; but those hurtful feelings…”
Geneseebelle The best meal plan I've ever used and… “Sounds doable. I'll give this a try. Thanks. :D”
solitude Does anyone else suffer from Hypothyroidism? “Yes, I have a mild case of hypothyroidism. I am on Synthroid. I don't really have any side effects from…”
jayabee52 Losing weight during Menopause.. “Howdy Solitude I am not here often as I had lost 65 lbs 3 yrs or so ago and have…”
Sunny Sunshine Started Exercising “Hi, aren't you on Bipolar Connect too? Nice to meet you. I actually can't exercise now. I tore my ligaments…”

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